How Does Lack Of Physical Activity Affect Your Mental Health?

How does lack of physical activity affect your mental health? Mental health comprises emotional, psychological and social well-being of an individuals. It influences how we think, act and feel in different stage of life . It enables individual to handle stress and makes good decisions.

How does lack of physical activity affect your mental health

It’s a integral part of health and well-being that enables us to understand our abilities, learn well and utilize the potential of individual to contribute in socio economic activity towards the society.

What is mental health?

Mental health is very big issue in the world right now and there is enough studies, statistics and graphics to prove it. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) roughly calculate that 1 in 5 adults encounter at least one mental health condition every year.

What is good mental health?

It a state of mind where you feel good and function well to perform your tasks productively and effectively and your daily life’s stress doesn’t affect your decision making. Sign of good mental health are as follows:

1) You will be happy with your present status and situation of life.

2) You will be confident in your life and in your decision making.

3) You will be optimistic about your goals.

4) You will feel  good about yourself.

What is the importance of good mental health?

Mental health is very important in our life. We should always make sure that we have a good space of mind and and possess good mental health. It Impacts in every aspect of our lives. It helps us to build good relationships with our friends and family and neighbors.

What is physical activity?

Physical activity is described as the voluntary and involuntary movement of the body part during active and inactive states of human mind that requires energy to perform day in and day out. It includes physical exercises as well as incidental activities that we perform unintentionally in our daily routine.

What are the benefits of physical activities?

The major benefits of physical activities are as follows:

  1. Increase the ability to daily activities.
  2. Increase brain and memory function.
  3. Protect us from chronic diseases.
  4. Sleep quality increases, Help in coping up with depression.
  5. Boost positivity, Makes you self confident.

How does physical activities affect your mental health ?

We know that any kind of physical activities is good for our body. Do you also know that physical activities or exercises affect positively in body and mind. Many research and studies proved that exercises or any kind of physical activities  boost our mind and reduce depression.

When we perform any kind of physical activities, our brain cells releases a chemical called endorphins. It is body’s natural pain reliever. It is a chemical that is produced naturally by our body during any pleasurable work or activities.

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What are the benefits of endorphins?

The research is going on still we have enormous benefits of endorphins. Some of the benefits are given below:

  • It is pain reducer and increase the experience of pleasure.
  • It reduces stress, anxiety and depression.
  • It boost self confidence and improve moods.
  • It support memory, cognitive function and improve immune system.


People who does regular exercises have enormous sense of well-being and feel good hormones about themselves. They feel more active and energetic throughout the day and night.

They sleep better  and feel relaxed. They have sharp mind and feel positive about themselves and their lives. It’s a powerful fighter for depression. Everyone should do exercises or physical activity regularly in our daily lifestyle.

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